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Fully aware of its social and environmental responsibilities, COMATEC integrated Sustainable Development into its company strategy since its creation in 1994. The COMATEC approach to Sustainable Development is based on three key challenges: French production, eco-design and social responsibility.

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French production :

90% of COMATEC products are designed and manufactured in France for a rigorous quality control, an unrivalled reactivity and a limited carbon footprint. By maintaining its production in France COMATEC supports the skills of its local partners and acts as a driving force in its economic environment.

Protection of the earth

Eco-design :

COMATEC makes a point of developing, reusable, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable (certified EN 13432 and OK compost) products with a view to limiting their environmental impact throughout their life cycle, from the design process through to the end of their lives.

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Social responsibility :

COMATEC is involved in the social and human challenges of our time. First by taking care of well-being at work for its teams. But also by supporting, for more than 20 years, the integration of persons with disabilities: COMATEC is the first partner of ESAT (centres providing care through employment) of its department.

Within a philosophy of ongoing improvement, COMATEC is committed to systematise eco-gestures in order to limit waste and energy consumption for itself and its clients.

Our 10 criterias


The cycle of Planet Score by Comatec

It is a first ever tool in the packaging to score the sustainability of our products and raw materials that we choose. It’s presented as a logo informing about the environmental impact of products developed, selected or distributed by COMATEC.

It is a 5-letter scale rating (A, B, C, D, and E) based on ten clear criteria regarding a sustainable approach to the environment.

It is a standard for foodservice professionals which are concerned by an eco-responsible packaging and their choices are driven by concrete sustainable engagements.

It is a tool used by our R& department to continue our quest for promising new materials and new production processes, in addition to our collaboration with government bodies and local authorities for the further development of recycling sector.

First rating of our packaging materials

Planet Score by Comatec

What are the 10 rating criterias?

  1. Method of extraction or cultivation
  2. Process and place of production
  3. Recyclability
  4. Compostability (industrial or home composting)
  5. Reusability
  6. Carbon footprint
  7. Increased waste treatment
  8. Availability of the recycling sector (in France and in Europe)
  9. Quality management
  10. Social impact

What is the principle of rating?

Thanks to the five-letter logo (A, B, C, D and E) each product in the COMATEC catalogue is presented on a five-level scale in accordance with the specified criteria:

• The most environmentally friendly product in terms of its environmental impact (classified by letter A+), for example, WoodBox series (due to its origin from French eco-forests and its combustion, which contributes to high energy regeneration)

• The least environmentally friendly product, for example, due to its material, method of cultivation or absence of a recycling sector (classified by letter E), for example, PLA (cultivation method and lack of recycling sector, carbon print) or PS produced in Asia (carbon print and recycling sector is not yet sufficiently developed in Europe). PLANETSCORE© is the first ever tool in the world of packaging to scale the sustainability of our products and our commitment to ensure greater transparency of the materials we choose and our further actions for improvements.

By choosing COMATEC, you are supporting our commitments!